Thank you for updating us with Hope’s progress at your center. Ever since we enrolled her at Singapore Math we definitely see improvement in her math problem solving skills. We will keep you posted if needed. Thank you again for your hard work and dedication helping our children strive for a better future in these competitive world today.

Parent of Hope; Grade 4

Thanks for detailed update about the lessons. Claire is really enjoying her homework. She is getting comfortable with Modeling strategy as well. We are grateful to you for speaking with her to boost her confidence. She is even attempting the questions in the Math Challenge.
We also noticed her progress in her thinking abilities. She is even asking for more math problems to do at home. Claire is always looking for eagerly waiting for her Singapore Math lessons each week. She is really have fun learning Math. Thanks so much for all your hard work and making Claire feel comfortable with the subject and program.

Parents of Claire, Grade 3

Thank you so much for your feedback. I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the fact that you make the classes fun and Cameron looks forward to going to them and to the math games you play. Please keep up the enthusiasm as it is really a great experience taking a child to a class that they are looking forward to versus one they are dreading. So thanks for everything that you do! We appreciate your approach and the progress update.

Parent of Cameron Grade 2

We are really pleased with the feedback on Joshua. He really enjoys the programme. He is very competitive and is very encouraged by the stickers reward system you use. Thanks again.

Parent of Joshua Grade 2

I have to tell you how impressed I am with the program and with your communication regarding his progress. You do an excellent job of this and I thank you so much!!

Parent of Ben Grade 1

Our son’s assessment from the school shows that his current math level is at 4th grade even though he is at Grade 2. His percentage of mastery in each math area is great. Thanks to the Singapore Math program, both our boys have exceeded well beyond their current grade levels and have built strong foundations in Math.
Thank you!

Parent of Ethan G2

Thank you so very much for your efforts with David. His progress with you has been remarkable. His attitude toward math has greatly improved and his skills are improving as he gains confidence with your program. We try to use your problem solving techniques and David is gradually learning the step-by-step processes. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

Parent of David G4

Thanks for all you are doing for Michael. His self-esteem and competency in math is much improved. Michael’s ability and his attitude while doing his math school work and Singapore math has improved significantly even though he has only been in your program for the last 6 months.

Parent of Michael G3

Aliza has done very well again in her math test. She is in the 98 percentile and her grade equivalent for Math is 3 grade levels higher than her actual grade level in school. Aliza is very confident in Math and according to her teacher, is able to think at a higher level than ever before. We are so thankful to your program for helping her get to such a good place in Math. Your encouragement and willingness to work with us when she hit a roadblock or two are much appreciated. It is no wonder that your enrollment has grown so quickly. Thanks so much.

Parent of Aliza, aged 9

Vincent’s Math has definitely become stronger since joining the program. This was reflected in his latest test scores in Math. His teacher also told us that we have nothing to worry about with his Math during our Parent-Teacher Conference. I just want you to know that and thank you for all the hard work and extra attention you gave to him to help him ramp up. We also chose your program for the help you give to students in helping them develop their confidence in math. Thanks again.

Parent of Vincent, aged 8

Thanks for sending such thoughtful and thorough evaluations of your students. It is great for us parents to understand in more details how our children are doing in class. Angela is having so much fun in the program and she does her homework each week without any need for us to tell her to. She actually enjoys completing her homework on her own without our help. Her confidence in math has certainly improved. Angela’s math skills have also been recognized at school. In fact, her aptitude in Math has resulted in her being invited to participate in a “highly capable program” in school. It is no doubt as a result of your instruction – so thank you so much!

Parent of Angela, aged 6

Thank you for the detailed feedback on Samjiv. We are pleased that he is doing very well in the program. We would like to thank you and your team for the effort you are putting in to teach Samjiv. The class works and home works are good and very methodical. They really help children to pick up the concepts and retain them. We are very glad that we enrolled Samjiv in this program.

Parent of Samjiv, aged 5

Thanks so much for noticing Amy’s potential and encouraging her to challenge herself. Her Math scores in the STAR testing have advanced greatly over the last year and a half since she started doing Singapore Math at your center. She is placed in the 98 percentile in Math and her Grade Equivalent for the subject is 4.6 even though she is in Grade 2. More importantly, we are very happy that she enjoys Math much more than ever before and she feels great about herself.

Parent of Amy, aged 7

Conner has been selected to do G4 Math in school even though he is only in G2. We are very pleased with the results of your program but more importantly, we are thrilled than Conner loves the subject and is very proud of himself.

Parent of Conner, aged 7

Emily loves Math now and feels very good about herself. She tested at 85 percentile before we started her on the Singapore Math program. Her Math has improved tremendously and her latest test score puts her in the 98 percentile. This is due entirely to the Singapore Math program as she is not doing Math anywhere else. Thank you so much for all your effort.

Parent of Emily, aged 9

Jonah really enjoys going to Singapore Math class and I’m happy to hear that he participates in the math activities. He is very timid and we are trying to encourage him to get out there and be confident and independent. It is great that you are encouraging him to engage in the class and helping him develop his confidence in Math and himself. He looks forward to going to class every Saturday. Thank you again for all that you and your team are doing to support Jonah in his math journey to help him enjoy and excel in math!

Parent of Jonah, aged 8

Max keeps telling me that he loves your classes. He is also working hard on the homework. I can sense he is getting much more than what he originally expected from this math class. Working on Number Bond is like playing a game. He and I both find this is a fun way to make addition and subtraction easy. We are looking forward to see more from your class as it advances. Thank you!

Parent of Max, aged 6

I am so happy that Aparna tested at Grade 4 level in Math even though she is in Grade 2. Thanks so much for your help with her and making her enjoy Math so much.

Parent of Aparna

June received more than 90% in the recent STAR testing in school. Thank you so much for all your hard work for our children.

Parent of June

Felicia tested at Grade 4 level Math even though she is only in Grade 1. I am sure all the word problems and the more challenging Math she is doing at your center has a lot to do with it. Thank you.

Parent of Felicia

I cannot believe that my daughter is in the 98 percentile in Math for her grade. Her Math level is 3 grade levels higher. I didn’t realize she is that good in Math until she started attending lessons at your center. We are thrilled and will definitely continue to enroll her next year.


My son, Sean who is in 5th Grade scored 97% in Math in the Stanford Test recently. Thanks so much for making Math exciting for him again. He used to be so bored with the subject as it was too easy for him in school. He really enjoys learning the Singapore Math problem solving strategies. I am so glad we found your center.

Parent of Sean

I’m impressed by your math teaching and patience. I appreciate that you spend time to explain to us about the progress of my child and the content she is learning.


I am really glad my daughter is taking classes with you at Singapore math. I know she’s progressing and learning a more advanced curriculum than at her school. And, more importantly, she’s always so happy to go to your class.


I am seeing a huge improvement in Ananya with her math skills. I am surprised that at Kindergarten, she knows place values – the units place, tens place and I am playing a game with her asking her additions and she is grouping them into 10s and counting rest of them.. Overall I am very impressed. The standard is much much higher than at other learning centers that we have been. Thanks a lot to you and the other teachers.

Parent of Ananya

Amanda really loves coming for Math at your center. Her teacher and I were discussing her progress in Math and the Principal asked to see the homework from your center.

Parent of Amanda

I am really grateful to you. Krishna loves fractions because of his lessons here. His teacher also gave him an “Excellent” in problem solving.

Parent of Krishna

I have seen a lot of progress in Ananya since she started coming to your center. The progress is much faster here than when she was doing it at another center. Thank you.

Parent of Ananya

I have seen a lot of progress in Ananya since she started coming to your center. The progress is much faster here than when she was doing it at another center. Thank you.

Parent of Ananya

I am so happy that Ashley has become more confident in solving word problems since attending your program. She is starting to think through the questions and love doing word problems now. Her thinking skills have definitely improved.

Parent of Ashley

Thank you for your update and hard work. I noticed great improvement in Natasha 2-digit addition. She is able to get answers very fast and accurately by using the Singapore Math methods from your center. I also notice that Natasha has more confidence in multiplication now. She said that with help from her Singapore Math teacher, she is able to figure out how to do the 9 and 7 times tables quicker.

Parent of Natasha

I can see that Trent enjoys your teaching very much. He always looks forward to going to Singapore Math Club for his lessons.

Parent of Trent

Per Andrew, he enjoyed Math class every week. He has been working on his homework with joy as well. The curriculum looks good and should set a strong foundation for him.

Parent of Andrew

Thank you so much for supporting Timothy. I love that he’s advancing in his learning. He really loves the classes and every Wednesday afternoon is his favorite time of the week. You really have a fantastic program! Thank you!

Parent of Timothy

The kids are really enjoying learning math, which I think is key in the long term. I am very happy with your classes and Anthony’s progress. He always seems happy to go to Singapore math.

Parent of Anthony

My husband was very pleased to meet you and was very impressed by your enthusiasm and clear view of Ethan’s strengths and weaknesses. We are happy that Ethan is part of such a motivating club that makes Math not only fun, but also teaches them 3 dimensional math unlike the curriculums we commonly see in USA schools. Thanks again for your work.

Parent of Ethan

Thank you so much for all the wonderful information you provide to parents. I greatly appreciate it. These Math
classes have been a great benefit to Lauren.

Parent of Lauren

Thank you for the thorough update to parents. I so appreciate it. I am very happy to see that Ayden enjoys going to Math class. It is my goal to see that he loves Math. Keep up the good work and I will keep referring people to your center.

Parent of Ayden

My daughter Ashley is becoming more and more confident in Math. She does not become flustered when she
encounters challenging Math problems anymore. Probably because she knows that there is some explanation behind everything and she can now find the ways to solve these problems now. What you are teaching is “Smart Math”.

Parent of Ashley

My daughter does 4th grade Math even though she is in 3rd grade. Her teacher told me this week that her Math is
now at 6th grade level. I can hardly believe it when I heard the news. I believe all the Singapore Math word problems that she has been working on have really helped her to think critically and at a higher level. Thank you very much.


Thank you for teaching my daughter, Sultana. I am so happy with your program because my daughter loves her
teacher and is excited to do the homework you gave her

Parent of Sultana

Thank you so much. Ethan has been learning leaps and bounds, and I can tell when I work with him that he is
learning very quickly under your tutelage. He is always smiling after classes, and declares “I love Math Club!” which speaks volumes regarding your teaching, and for that I am very much appreciative. Thank you for all your help.

Parent of Ethan

I can see that Sabrina is feeling a lot more comfortable with her addition and subtraction and the computation
techniques she is learning. The word problems that she has been working with have definitely been helpful for her when she has to work with larger numbers. She is now able to apply the modeling technique to help her understand the problems.

Parent of Sabrina

Thank you so much. We love receiving feedback and hearing about Trevor’s progress from the center. It makes us feel really good to see him so excited about a math class. He talks about Singapore Math every day, looks up how many more days until he can go again, and just loves talking about number bonds and the math games you guys play. Having such a positive, early experience in math is fantastic. Thank you for being a great teacher to him

Parent of Trevor

“Nathan is showing more interest in Math because of the strategies he learnt in Singapore Math class. He is quite active and usually getting him to sit and count is not his thing. However, once he learnt to hold a number in his head (like he was taught to do when counting), he really took off. Nathan loves going to Singapore Math class and being with his friends. He does his homework willingly and enjoys having me watch him!”
“I like that Singapore Math teaches children of looking at numbers. I also like the homework he receives after every lesson. They are good practice for Nathan and for me to understand what he is doing.”
“I would absolutely recommend Singapore Math to other parents. In fact, I already have. Singapore Math is a great building block and has great methods that help children as they go forward in their Math education.”

Parent of Nathan

“I noticed that Gabriella has more confidence in Math since attending Singapore Math lessons. She said that she likes Math now whereas she said Math was difficult in school.
Yes, I think the Singapore Math lessons have made learning fun and logical. Singapore Math makes sense. I would recommend Singapore Math to other parents because of the new confidence Gabriella has in Math and because she is now able to explain things to me.”

Parent of Gabriella

“Collin’s Math skill has improved after attending the Singapore Math class. He really enjoys going for Math lessons and really likes to do Math homework now. He is having fun with Math.”
“As a parent, I like Singapore Math. I like that Collin gets to practice what he learnt with his homework. I would recommend Singapore Math to other parents because my son really enjoy the class and we saw a big improvement in his Math skills.”

Parent of Colin

“Gwen is adding and subtracting faster since attending the Singapore Math class. She also loves to count and counts things all day. Gwen looks forward to class and doing her homework.”
“I like Singapore Math because it shows different ways to get to the same answers. Singapore Math is a great approach to learning Math”. It makes numbers fun for the kids.”

Parent of Gwen

“This was Emi’s first kind of formal Math instruction. I am so glad we enrolled her in Singapore Math lessons because she loves learning. Emi seems to have patience for Math and enjoys the teaching style.”
“I like Singapore Math a lot. It makes sense to teach kids number sense and really get a concrete understanding of numbers before moving them on to more challenging problems. I would recommend Singapore Math to other parents because I like how it builds on conceptual understanding of the basics before moving on.”
“As a parent and a teacher, I know what Singapore Math is teaching the kids and how they are taught are great for their minds!”

Parent of Emi

“Emily likes Math more since attending Singapore Math class. She has fun. I agree that Singapore Math has made learning Math fun and logical. I like it because it make the children think. I would recommend Singapore Math to other parents because I believe this new approach to teaching Math is beneficial to children.”

Parent of Emily

“Singapore Math makes Janna feel like she is playing games. So she likes to do Math more than before. She also think differently about numbers. I like that Janna is able to think ‘out of the box’ and use different ways to find the answers. I would recommend Singapore Math to other parents because Janna is able to answer questions more quickly now.”

Parent of Janna

Audrey enjoyed the math camp so much that she wants to do the math camp every summer until she is 10 years old. I would highly recommend the camp. It’s educational, well organized, and fun. Audrey’s math skills and understanding of numbers and relations on numbers were so much better as she learned many different topics at the camp.
I look forward to experiencing her changes in math skills next year as she gets into Grade 1 program. Thank you so much for making math super fun for her! It’s quite an enjoyment as a parent to watch a child grow up loving numbers!!!

Parent of Audrey

Thank you for having my son at your camp. He looked forward to going there every day and was upset with us if we picked him up early. It is great to see him so happy and eager to learn every day. The program is great with plenty of interesting activities for the kids. I noticed an improvement in his Math skills as well. The staff are nurturing and took time to speak with the parents. It was a great experience!


Jayden has an excellent experience at the math and mandarin summer camp! He enjoyed it a lot! I also feel his math skill improve a lot after going to the math camp!
Yes I will recommend the camp to others and especially to my friends!

Parent of Jayden

I like everything about the Math and Mandarin Camp. My daughter truly enjoyed it and never want to leave at the end of the day. We are impressed with the activities and how the different Math topics are introduced to young children in such a fun way. The engineering projects were really amazing as well. We plan to enroll our younger daughter in the camp as well next year. Hopefully the camp will last longer than 4 weeks.


Lara really enjoyed the camp and was happy through the whole 2 weeks attending it. She liked to learn new concepts and shared excitedly every night what she learned. She was quite fascinated on the day when she learned about electricity. I definitely see the progress in her learning even within such short period of time that’s quite impressive.
I think learning Chinese was a little bit tough in the first couple days but she started enjoying it because the learning process was through art and music that is her favorite.
The only downside for her was not enough time outside but many camps have this challenge. She looked forward to the daily picnics at the blueberry farm and was very happy to spend some time outdoors.
I’d definitely recommend this camp and will look forward to join the camp next summer.

Parent of Lara

Our daughter enjoyed the Camp. Even though “Math” sometime sounds hard, the Camp
turned it into a very fun subject to learn.
I would recommend the camp to others. The location was convenient and it is nice to have the blueberry farm nearby for the children to spend time in the park.


My daughter was exposed to new concepts and really enjoyed learning Math and Mandarin. There was plenty of class work to take home and the camp provided a safe environment. The staff are personable and provided lots of daily feedback.
I highly recommend the Math club. The Singapore Math Summer Camp was fun and engaged my daughter. She was stimulated and came home with plenty to share with us about what she learnt.


Nathan loves the Math and Mandarin Camp. It was his favorite summer camp. He came home each day very happy and eager to tell me all about it. Totally recommend. Please email us for any other day camps or summer camps going forward. We will sure be coming back.

Parent of Nathan

Our daughter has a great experience at the camp. It was much better than what we expected and we wished that the summer camp was for 2 months instead of just one month.
Anusha amazed us with the many things that she learnt in camp. Like we were really happy to see her talking about Force, Gravity, Magnets and a lot more. Her Math skills have improved a lot and she has been pretty good in learning Chinese too.
Last but not least, the small science projects / models developed by the kids in class were super amazing.

Parent of Anusha

Ryan enjoyed the Math and Mandarin summer camp and looked forward to going there every day. The math content was taught in a creative, fun, activity-based format. The use of the working toys (gears, magnets) during the workshop was appealing to Ryan. He was singing some mandarin songs that he learned from camp too. The daily worksheets of the lessons taught helped my understanding of what my son was learning. The teachers are all caring and patient to the kids and are very good about providing progress reports to the parents.
I am impressed with the educational experience at Singapore Math Club and the nurturing support of my child’s love of learning math.

Parent of Ryan

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